Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Google Understands the Needs of the Little Guy

I am looking at some alternate operating systems for my computer. I am torqued-off at little bit at Microsoft and I am tired of the game they play. And that is every time they come out with new software such as the operating System VISTA they write billions of lines of code into it. I heard VISTA actually has broken a record for being the largest program ever for home computers. And every time MS does this it requires more computing power which means you have to spend MORE money to upgrade your computer!

Microsoft, a long time ago, decided that their business plan was to market to business. This has led to complex programs with lots of bells and whistles. You must pay even if you don't need or want the extra items. And the little guy, doesn't give a hoot about 90% of the bloat that embellishes a Microsoft program . For the average home user you pay big bucks to buy complexity. It is so tiring to spend countless hours trying to make something work, following long instructions, and only ending up not accomplishing what needed to be done.

There are some things happening on the internet that may be able to break the MS strangle hold. Google is a company that seems to understand the needs of the little guy. Their programs are easy and user friendly. And Google does not seem to be obsessed with money and profits. By attracting millions of users with useful and mostly free software, Google still rakes in the money. This is because of truly unique and innovative marketing strategies.

It is rumored that Google is working on a new operating systems that resides not in your computer, but on the internet. This, I am thinking, may be a major break-through. It would be nice not to have to send Mr. Gates another couple of hundred dollars for something that is overly bloated with stuff you don't actually use.

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