Monday, January 22, 2007

Loyal Democrat

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The following is a reply to a Townhall article on 01/22/07 by Burt Prelutsky regarding Black racism.  The reply is from "Loyal Democrat" and is noteworthy for its subtle satire.  It also highlights the attitude of some in the Democratic party who continue to believe that Blacks are incapable of achievement without assistance.  Read on:

It is shameful for a noted columnists to even suggest that anything any black person does wrong is their own fault. Black society has had to endure the bonds of slavery, something virtually no other race has ever had to experience, so they cannot be held to the same social standards as members of other races. Every black person alive today bears the scars of having been held as slaves, and that bondage has deprived them from taking advantage of the opportunities that America offers exclusively to whites. It is ludicrous to expect any black to behave in what whites consider to be a civilized society when the shackle marks are still fresh on their wrists, and it is ridiculous to expect any black to have any semblance of an education since no teachers were holding class out in the cotton fields.

White racism is being voiced whenever black culture is criticized for its illegitimacy rates, drug use, and runaway crime. Such characteristics are what makes up the black culture, and just because such activities are unacceptable to whites, that is no reason for blacks to eschew their own culture and attempt to act white just to get along. What whites consider to be poor language skills, anti-social behavior, and irresponsible parenting is actually the culture that blacks are proud to call their own, and it is the culture that icons such as Jesse Jackson fight to maintain.

 It is racist for whites to call black culture improper and encourage blacks to change their ways. Blacks that study in school, desire achievement, stay off of drugs, and avoid unwed parenthood are indeed attempting to fit into white culture, so it is proper that black society shun such sellouts. To emulate the members of another culture is wrong, for it just indicates that the sellout is ashamed of his own culture. White racism encourages this sellout attitude.

The simple fact is that black culture developed into its current form because blacks cannot help but behave in the way that they do. Due to their history of subjugation, blacks are not able to make the type of educated decisions that members of other races can. Their unique heritage of slavery has ensured that blacks will not perform well at jobs or school for perhaps dozens more decades, if ever. Therefore, it is up to white society to implement programs that make things as simple and easy to comprehend as possible, otherwise no black can ever hope to achieve anything when competing against a white person, or a person of any other race for that matter. Blacks will not be able to achieve anything without help and handouts from whites, and it is racists for any white to withhold such help.

In keeping with an anti-racist attitude, the Democrat Party has been there for blacks every step of the way. Even in the early days Democrats fought to keep blacks from attending white schools, thus keeping them from feeling intimidated and embarrassed by their poor performance. Today, Democrats fight to keep affirmative action alive because only Democrats fully realize that it is idiotic to expect any black to perform well when matched against a white person on a level playing field. Thus, Democrats have fought to keep black culture alive by blocking efforts to curtail the proud black tradition of illegitimate births, high crime rates, and poor academic performance. Democrats have fought for lenient treatment of black criminals, and have worked to ensure no black remains in jail for very long. With this, an individual that the racist white society considers to be "violent" is able to return back to his neighborhood in record time where he can once again be part of the black culture.

Democrats have recognized that blacks are victims that need the protection and handouts of whites, and they have provided many government programs for any black that has wisely chosen to remain on the Democrat plantation. The Democrat Party has been the blacks' best friend, for only they recognize just how inferior members of the black race are, and only they have done something about it.

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