Sunday, December 31, 2006

NBC's Catastrophic Mistake

For many Americans, Monday Night Football had become a major part of their weekly tradition. It was for them, the hard working class, that Monday Night Football served as a balm to their spirits for the long, drudgerous work week to come. To them, walking in the door on Monday evening, after completing the first hard day of the week, to suddenly remember that Monday Night Football was on, was like a spiritual transformation. It was as if all the heavy burdens from the work day were suddenly removed and as a result, you just might make it through the rest of the week after all.

In what has to be considered one of the most catastrophic marketing decisions of the last fifty years, on a par with Coca Colas introduction of the new Coke, NBC negotiated Monday Night Football into the trash bin of history. But wait, it gets better. NBC gave us Sunday Night Football instead. Oh, how clever. After spending all day Sunday watching football, we get to see another game when we have had our fill of football for the day. This time slot is when most of us must be preparing for the coming work week.

Someone pointed out that Monday Night Football can be seen on cable. Well, that is fine for those that are willing to pay a premiem for their television. But there are many who still receive their programming from a TV antenna and they are pretty much limited to what the major networks provide. NBC has let those folks down and Sunday Night Football will never take the place of the wonderful, stress-relieving, Monday Night Football as we once new it.

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