Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hip-Hop Brings Down Blacks

Hip-Hop is not music. It is mind-numbing garbage that brings discredit to the black community. Hip-Hop has destroyed modern black culture. One can only see blacks in a negative manner when they listen to the hideous lyrics that accompany the incessant drone.

Wake-up black America. Quit defending this garbage. And you white fools, quit aiding and abetting something so demeaning to blacks.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Children are the Predators on MySpace

After years of hearing about MySpace, a social networking site that supposedly is visited by child molesters looking to hook-up, I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about. MySpace has been on the news frequently and covert operations by the police and F.B.I. have been the focus of many stories. After visiting MySpace, it is clear to me that MySpace is a danger to our young people, but not for the reasons you hear on the news. Parents, police, and the F.B.I. have completely failed to identify who the real sexual predators are that inhabit the MySpace world.

The real sexual predators on MySpace are the teenagers and children who use it. I was shocked at the sexual content and provocative photographs that are rife throughout MySpace. These photos of teenagers in various stages of undress are both sexual and solicitous. The photos are taken by teenagers, supposedly meant for other teenagers, but MySpace is an open Internet site. The message your sons and daughters are sending out to the world is look at how sexy I am. Let's be friends.

Another shocking element to MySpace is the foul-language being used by children. Plenty of the "F" words. Not something that is pleasant to hear from our teenagers. Thank you, Hollywood. It is hard to imagine that parents that are so concerned about their children being contacted by a sexual predator would allow them to use the "F" word with such abandon.

What I saw on MySpace was an outrage. Parents who worry about sexual predators on MySpace need to wake-up. It is their own children that are the predators.


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