Sunday, December 31, 2006

NBC's Catastrophic Mistake

For many Americans, Monday Night Football had become a major part of their weekly tradition. It was for them, the hard working class, that Monday Night Football served as a balm to their spirits for the long, drudgerous work week to come. To them, walking in the door on Monday evening, after completing the first hard day of the week, to suddenly remember that Monday Night Football was on, was like a spiritual transformation. It was as if all the heavy burdens from the work day were suddenly removed and as a result, you just might make it through the rest of the week after all.

In what has to be considered one of the most catastrophic marketing decisions of the last fifty years, on a par with Coca Colas introduction of the new Coke, NBC negotiated Monday Night Football into the trash bin of history. But wait, it gets better. NBC gave us Sunday Night Football instead. Oh, how clever. After spending all day Sunday watching football, we get to see another game when we have had our fill of football for the day. This time slot is when most of us must be preparing for the coming work week.

Someone pointed out that Monday Night Football can be seen on cable. Well, that is fine for those that are willing to pay a premiem for their television. But there are many who still receive their programming from a TV antenna and they are pretty much limited to what the major networks provide. NBC has let those folks down and Sunday Night Football will never take the place of the wonderful, stress-relieving, Monday Night Football as we once new it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush Can Come Out of Iraq on Top

In regard to Iraq, here is how President Bush can come out on top:

1. He should quit looking for ways to win the war. He won it. All the major goals have been accomplished. Sadam is no longer in power and Iraq is a democracy.

2. Since we have won, it is not necessary for us to resolve the religious, sectarian violence, that has gone on for centuries. It is a mistake to try and we cannot win what amounts to a civil war between religious factions.

3. The new policy will be to stay for 6 more months to help if needed. After that we start to pull-out even if the violence has not ceased.

This should be the core of President Bush's new Iraq policy. It is sensible, and face-saving. Most Americans would approve and Iraqis would probably understand that it is not our place to fight and die in the midst of their religious dispute. Realizing this may also help the Iraqis to bring their violence to an end.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

What is behind the Christmas Bashing?

What is really behind the increasing bias and animosity against Christmas? Here is the truth. Liberals hate the Christian God. Every act of liberalism is fueled by this deep hatred. Why?Because the precepts of the Christian God demand that a person live a moral life. In Christianity, adultery and promiscuity are considered to be a sin and the liberal will not tolerate that. Liberalism, above all, venerates the freedom of individuals to live by their own moral standards and the Christian God is the only thing preventing liberals from having the Utopian, sexual society they desire. Liberalism allows the individual to define morality. Christianity does not.

Christians, Muslims, etc. all have strict rules regarding moral conduct. This does not guarentee that everyone will follow them and that is pretty obvious. As a matter of fact, this is the largest reason that liberals condemn Christians: they don't practice what they preach. But my argument is that liberals do not want moral codes imposed on them. But I do not want to imply that all Christian rules of morality are correct and need to be imposed on everyone. The point I am trying to make is that the sub-conscience fear of sexual repression is the driving force that makes liberals despise Christianity.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Selling Your Soul to the Devil

In the nineteen-fifties, when television began to flourish, the idea began to blossom that pay TV was a concept whose time had come. Some skeptics would argue, however, that since television was free, why on earth would anyone want to pay for it. The answer, and key selling point for the idea, was that pay TV would be completely commercial free.

So what happened? We have all noticed that cable and satellite television has become a sea of commercialism and the promise of ad-free television seems to have vanished forever. The concept, as originally envisioned, has flown out the window and the only vestiges left are the very expensive pay-per-view concerts and sporting events. But even these high-priced venues have allowed advertising to sneak in.

An interesting experiment, for channel surfers, who pay a large cable bill every month, is to surf and and pay attention to whether a commercial or a show is on. You will find the actual percentage of commercials is a whopping 50 to 65 percent.

I like television, but I was sick and tired of this mind numbing barrage of inane ads. So about a year ago I cancelled my satellite television service. And I have since discovered a more fulfilling life and have taken on some new and exciting interests. The net effect, after a period of withdrawals, is that I feel as if I have snatched my soul back from the devil.

Friday, December 1, 2006

An Overwhelmed "War" President

George Bush told us he is a "War President". But he doesn't seem to know what to do to win the war in Iraq. He has told us we will stay the course without defining the course or at best he has told us he wants to bring an American style democracy to Iraq. Several days ago during a news conference in Jordan, he told us we will stay in Iraq until the mission is finished, without defining what the mission is. In looking for a solution he has passed the buck to his generals and to a certain extent to the Baker commission hoping they will bring some new ideas to help resolve the Iraq disaster. President Bush has also told us that it is up to the Malaki government to stop the insurgency when he knows there is no way that can happen.

This from the leader of the free world. The Commander-in-Chief of the United States armed forces that invaded and conquered Iraq.

The real problem with Iraq is a weak and timid United States President who is overwhelmed by the office he holds. He does not understand that Muslims have little interest in being under a democracy and that their most fervant desire is for a theocratic form of government. He has forgotten that democracy is rare and precious and only comes to those who cherish it and are willing to fight and die for it.

While President Bush is waiting for others to solve these problems, my heart cries out that he needs to stand up, take charge and do what is necessary to win the war in Iraq. That means doing the terrible work of war that is required to defeat a victious and cruel insurgency. We have the means to win, but do we have the stomach for it? The only other choice is to withdraw, dishonorably, with our tails between are legs.

Why can't the "War President" see this?