Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bush Can Come Out of Iraq on Top

In regard to Iraq, here is how President Bush can come out on top:

1. He should quit looking for ways to win the war. He won it. All the major goals have been accomplished. Sadam is no longer in power and Iraq is a democracy.

2. Since we have won, it is not necessary for us to resolve the religious, sectarian violence, that has gone on for centuries. It is a mistake to try and we cannot win what amounts to a civil war between religious factions.

3. The new policy will be to stay for 6 more months to help if needed. After that we start to pull-out even if the violence has not ceased.

This should be the core of President Bush's new Iraq policy. It is sensible, and face-saving. Most Americans would approve and Iraqis would probably understand that it is not our place to fight and die in the midst of their religious dispute. Realizing this may also help the Iraqis to bring their violence to an end.

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